Jul 30, 2013

Wildfire custom map

This is my first map, WILDFIRE. Here's the story: your a fire chief, posted in a forest command center. One summer, the heat and fire index goes though the roof. Then, a fire strikes. It's up to you to stop it, are you up for it? Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1aiprep58wuqwvz/WILDFIRE.zip
The redstone alt. that starts the fire
Fire Station

Watch Tower

Forest, fire station, and Watch Tower

This is an awesome map! Go download it! Map made by: Blairbear2

Jul 19, 2013


Written by @FreekBes from the MCPEALOS Team

This is a new epic seed! It contains:
- Mountains
- Overhangs
- Really beautiful mountain on pilars with lake
- Forest
- Lakes
- Desert Mountain
- A little bit of Plains

Jul 17, 2013

Tazader 9

Written by @Quantum_creeper

Tazader 9 is an amazing map, with a ton of detail, it even has its own library, CNN tower, airport, park, water treatment plant, swimming pool, and much more.
Tazader 9 city emblem
Tazader Map

Tazader public library

Tazader International Airport (TIA)
Tazader Public Pool
Tazader Water Treatment Plant
Sky scrapers in Tazader 9


Jul 15, 2013

0.7.3 Update

By @tacomangoboom from the MCPE ALOS Team

Mojang has released Minecraft - Pocket Edition version 0.7.2 nearly 2 weeks ago, so MCPE fans are looking at 0.7.3, which is rumored to be released this week or the next one.

0.7.3's biggest feature will be the ability to reset your multiplayer server's world, which is a great feature for a bug fix update. 0.7.3 will also have bug fixes, such as:

-Furnace Crash

-Login Problem

-Able to mine obsidian with an iron pickaxe

These are most of the features, but I think they will fix Realms bugs, too, like:

-Chat Crash

-Inventory cleared if server crashed

One more thing is that realms will be more stable, hopefully.

Again, 0.7.3 will most likely be out this week or the next one, so be ready!

Jul 9, 2013


This seed has been discovered and reported by @FreekBes .

This is an epic seed! It contains:
- Much mountains!
- Much overhangs!
- Floating islands!
- Lakes in valleys between the mountains!
- Snowy mountains!
- Forests!
- Hills!
- Plains!
- Snow!
- Flatland!
So you see, it has everything in just one seed! It's epic!

Jul 2, 2013


This seed was found by @tacomangoboom. Follow him now!
Seed is: 1000000
It features:
-a crater
-Very tall, skinny mountains
-Iron by spawn